The Secret Museum

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Back in the 90’s before Thatch made his first move from New Jersey over to Minneapolis we pretty good at getting into trouble, which is probably most of the stories you’ve heard on this blog. But in between harassing people wiuth megaphones, writing on other peoples property, and destroying public benches and handrails with our skateboards, we managed to squeeze in a few productive moments. I was into doing shows at the time, and Chris and our other bud The Mysterious Doctor had themselves a killer band called The Secret Museum. These dudes were playing punk music inspired by dark wave punk rock before doing that shit became cool again. Unfortunately the band was a round for such a short amount of time, they only had an opportunity to record this demo. This was hardly circulated… although it did score them a television score credit on some show of which I cannot remember the name. As for punk rock cred, this band also featured members of NJ legendary hardcore band Bodies in Panic and Mykel Boards Artless. Not a bad resume eh? SO here it is. Free stream & download. Feel free to share. Thatch forever.


Street Theater #2 – Digital Download!

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Oh hell yes. I finally got around to digitizing Street Theater #2. It took forever I know, but just think how much more you’ll appreciate this now. I can’t front, I’m lazy as fuck and filled with a ton of the slacker spirit that Thatch and I so boldly encompassed and expressed daily. Remember these are like almost 30 pages and take forever to download… but you’ll have it forever. Anyway here’s a link. Street Theater 2

Also, I will hopefully have another Thatcher media related fun treat coming soon. Believe me ripps?

“How’s My Blog?”

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2009 Thatch illustration. Click to Enlarge


Street Theater #0

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We will be posting up digital issues of Chris’s zine Street Theater. This is the first of six issues… The PDF might take a minute to download, but they are high res. print quality PDFs. Here is a download link… Street Theater #0





Skate day!

July 15 at 12:30pm – Saturday at 7:30am

Three different skate parks and a blow out jam at the 660 Ramp

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First stop; Hopewell park NJSecond stop; Hilltop park Princeton NJThird stop; Sayreville park NJ

Fourth and last stop on the tour for Chris will be a big blow out jam at the 660 ramp in Jersey city where all are welcome to skate and have a beer for our homie.

Party on the roof or skate the ramps doesn’t matter as long as Thatch is in your heart or touched your soul.

Session at 3rd.

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The second time I went out to Minneapolis to visit Thatch we did a 3rd lair session. We actually went straight to the park after a 21 hour drive from Jersey. Im so stoked that Sean got so much captured to video on that trip. It’s amazing how mundane things can become so valuable. This is just raw footy… maybe ghetto edited with a VCR and a video camera, but fuck it. I’d kill for another session with you homie. rest easy.

Thatch Shreds…

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